Hi!  This is (your name) from (chapter name) NOW.  I'm calling with an update on the October15th.  Do you have a couple of minutes to talk?

(If NO . . .)

(Set up a time to call back.  If she/he indicates that she/he doesn't donate over the phone, assure her/him that you are not asking for money -- and be sure that you don't ask for money)

(If YES . . .)

We'll march in Washington, D.C. on October 15 to say loudly and clearly:  WE WON'T GO BACK!  We will show the nation and the world that supporters of women's rights are the overwhelming majority.

We are calling you tonight (or today), because we must mobilize against all violence against all women, against the war on the poor and against George W. Bush's so-called "compassionate conservatism."  Women's civil rights are up for grabs in 2000.  Never before has the need for a national, feminist march been greater.

We are marching on Washington because we are not willing to return to a system that punishes women for being single mothers -- while that same system rewards deadbeat dads.  We will not accept attacks on women's access to abortion and birth control.  We won't let the Republicans eliminate poverty by letting the poor die of starvation, exposure and untreated diseases.  We won't accept any cuts in the funding or enforcement of the (VAWA).  And we are not willing to let George W. Bush appoint the next justices to the U.S.Supreme Court.

Our goal is to have the most significant feminist march in history.  On October 15, the World March of Women 2000 in Washington, D.C. will be the last national mobilization before the elections -- the kick-off for the critical, final weeks of organizing.

If you believe that George W. Bush and the right-wing Congress pose a real threat to our rights, then you must join us for the World March of Women 2000!

We need every person in our community who wants to end poverty and stop violence against women to come to Washington.  Can we count on you to join us on October 15th?

(If YES . . .)

Great!  Our chapter has reserved buses to transport us to Washington.  The cost is $____ per round trip ticket.  How many seats would you like to reserve?  Please send your check to_____.  (Give complete bus information.)

We really need help organizing for the March.  Would you be able to volunteer before the March?  We need help making phone calls, leafletting and staffing March information tables.  When would you be available to help out? (Note the time and task.)