Bulldog Temperament

The bulldogs are stumpy bodied, sturdy, and durable creatures that were popular in the bull baiting sport activity. These dogs are bred to show an aggressive behavior, become fearless, and completely ignorant to pain and distress.

The average height of the male bulldog is twelve to sixteen inches and weigh between fifty-three and fifty-five pounds. The female gender of this breed is approximately six to nine inches tall while weighing fifty to seventy pounds. The average life span of the bulldogs is between nine and thirteen years.

The bulldogs are known for their high levels of energy and are very playful by nature. However, when the animals are over worked, they tend to slump on the ground and refuse to even budge from their place. Therefore, training this dog breeds is an extremely difficult task as the animals may be very stubborn at times. Several owners and trainers are known to have dragged their pets’ home after a session of moderate training.

This breed of dogs is ranked at the seventy-eighth position among eighty breeds in terms of intelligence and obedience. Although, the bulldogs are stubborn and willful, several individuals do manage to train the animals with the best results. Although, in the past bulldogs were trained to become aggressive by nature, the breed is a gentle and good temper breed of dogs.

Generally, the bulldog temperament is affectionate and lovable making these animals very closely attached to their owners. This often can be seen when some of the bulldogs refuse to leave the homes without being accompanied by one of the family members. Moreover, this breed of dog is compassionate and gets along with children and other animals, such as cats and other smaller creatures.

The bulldogs are affectionate, gentle, and dependable making these animals reliable with small kids. This breed of dogs is very loyal by nature, which makes the creatures superior as guard dogs for their owners. However, one factor that owners must ensure is to ensure that the dog is not allowed to assume the leadership in the house, which can make the animal very dominating.