PURPOSE: To show the nation and the world that supporters of women's rights are the overwhelming majority. Thousands will rally to send an unmistakable message: We will not rest until justice is ours. We demand an end to poverty and violence against women as we march into the new millennium. And, we will take the power by electing a Congress and a president who will join feminists in our struggle for equality.

Mission Statement, US Organizing Committee:
We unite with women around the world to demand that leaders of the United States, the United Nations and its member States, and other institutions of power work to:

DATE& LOCATION:  Sunday, October 15, 2000

ASSEMBLE: 11 AM at Freedom Plaza (Pennsylvania Avenue & 13th St., NW)

STEP-OFF:  12 Noon

RALLY:   1:00 to 4:00 PM on the Ellipse (Constitution Ave. & 17th St., NW)

SPONSORS: Organizations that support the World March of Women can become sponsors by agreeing to encourage their members to take part, organize delegations to the march and spread the word. Sponsors will be acknowledged at the march and in organizing and media kits, and other march materials. Sponsors are encouraged to make donations for march expenses, but contributions are not required for an organization to become a sponsor. To become a sponsor.

DELEGATIONS: Any group having 20 or more participants may be classified as a delegation. Two members of this delegation should be designated as facilitators. All delegations must register to be listed in march materials. Individual participants are also encouraged to attend!