Can You Measure Your ROI Related To Social Media Sites?

social-media-roiIn today’s world where online marketing and business is all that people talk about, it’s just impossible to think that a company doesn’t use social media marketing and think of ROI which means Revenue on Investment. It’s the most important thing to think about these days and as an online company, suing social media as a marketing forum has become absolutely important for all. Of course, when we invest in something, we surely would want to make profits and keep track of how much we are making. This ROI tracking online is something of that sort.

Success through social media marketing

The sales made through social media marketing are in billions now and more than 70% of online business companies are using this strategy these days. And why blame them? It’s working and getting them lots of profits as well. Sure there are intangible factors like “follow” and “likes” involved but did you know that this can actually help you in calculating your ROI?

Calculating the reach

First of all you need to see how many people you can reach out through a social media marketing forum. This is like selecting target audience. It’s really simple to understand your ROI through this. The content reach number can be determined by the number of Likes and Follows you have in Facebook and Twitter respectively. For example, if there are 2000 people on a forum and your company’s page or community has 300 likes, then that means in total, your Content Reach is 2300.

Patience is a virtue- and it comes bearing gifts

Patience is important in this buildup. Every like, every follower, every comment matters. The photos you have, the updates you give are viewed by millions. It takes time for everyone to notice and understand and it takes time to analyze the data. So be patient.