Astrology Relationship Compatibility


How to make the other person fall in love with you?

1 - Ascendant Signs and Ascendant Links

Ask other person to guess who you are among Zodiac signs. The answer will be your Ascendant sign, because it shows how other people see you, or how you let them see yourself. Your Ascendant sign shows the result of your behavior and communication. So, Ascendant sign is very important when it comes to compatibility, because people tend to look at others making superficial statements. When your astrologist makes your compatibility chart make sure to check the compatibility by Ascendant sign as well.

2 - Sun and Moon Signs, Houses and Aspects

Sun sign is usually perceived as the most important one, but in terms of compatibility Moon sign has the same priority. Astrological compatibility match can be identified only when both Sun and Moon signs' placement is included, so make sure your astrologist uses them. Are those signs perfectly balanced or there could be some tough moments? What are the houses of each sign? Answer these questions and you will understand the compatibility of two people. It shows the balance of energies and depending on the balance or outbalance your astrologist should make conclusions.

3 - Venus and Mars Links

These planets have totally opposite energies. Venus is touchy and dreamy and Mars is expressive and hot. They have a special place in the chart of compatibility. The position of these planets regarding each other is very important. Don't panic if there is some misunderstanding or tension between them, it is a condition for successful life together of these two.

4 - Who Completes Who?

Astrology compatibility is often built upon the way how people complement each other in different aspects. Sometimes charts that seem totally incompatible can work out in reality because they complete each other in reality and it makes them quite successful. Your astrologist should be very careful while comparing charts, because the patterns are quite tricky, one partner can fill the blank space in a pattern of the other. Try to be attentive and optimistic about your chosen one.

5 - Mirrored Aspects

Mirrored aspects are special signs and they are quite rare to find in two chart. It is a great luck to have them in charts, because it is a big hint that these people are compatible. Such people are believed to be joined on the karmic level. Usually, they go through hardships in life and find happiness together, being caring, respectful and loving partners. It is a sign of a powerful bond in couple.